Is the Indian workplace really LGBTQ+ ready?

-Arghadeep Biswas || MBA HR-2018-2020

The LGBTQ community is a segment of people with non-heterosexual orientations, and it stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (people who are uncertain about their sexual orientation). This fraternity and their human rights have recently come under the spotlight, both in India and around the world, with landmark advancements and legal steps taken to seamlessly merge the hitherto outcast community with the society.

The concept of human rights stands on the central premise that all humans are equal and deserve to be treated equally. The same is articulated under Article 14 of the Indian Constitution, based on which, in a historic judgment, the Supreme Court of India abolished Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, thereby decriminalizing adult homosexual relationships. It was a decision that was celebrated across the country with great vigour and was seen as a major step taken, by a country otherwise perceived as traditional and conservative, towards removing the heavily prevalent discrimination towards the LGBTQ community.

However, looking at the Indian workforce, the question that one needs to ask is – whether legal protections and provisions directly translate to social acceptance and universal reception. While it is true that organizations in India probably employ the most diverse workforce in the world – in terms of ethnicity, race, culture, and age – it is also a fact that not all sections of the workforce enjoy the same privileges and equal facilities. In certain organizations, career opportunities for women still come at a premium at senior levels and, in some others, seniority is still preferred over meritocracy for promotions. Therefore, making the assumption that LGBTQ employees would be seamlessly integrated into workgroups and teams and would be provided equal opportunities is probably venturing into the unreasonable. The abolition of Section 377 was a strong statement of intent by the jurisdiction, however weaving the same into the existing social fabric is a different challenge.

The fact that Rani Kinnar, India’s first five-star rated transgender Uber driver, is making such big waves in the media is indicative of how much people like Rani, who in essence is a human, in flesh and blood, like all of us, are still viewed so differently and everything they do is microscopically observed (and judged on). The day when such happenings will not make the front page would be the day when we can even begin to think that the Indian workforce is really LGBTQ ready.

However, it is not to say that such a day will not arrive. India, as a country, is nothing if not an overcomer of odds. If India can provide the leading companies of the world (Google, Microsoft etc) with their CEOs, if India can employ more than 65 million women in different sectors, then there is no reason to believe that one day India will have LGBTQ employees working and flourishing in workplaces. However, standing in 2019, is the Indian workforce really LGBTQ+ ready? “Not today!”

A step towards sustainability

All the late nights and early mornings finally paid off. With lots of expectations and excitement, I stepped into IIM Ranchi and it was like a dream come true for any MBA – HR aspirant like me. I knew it was not going to be a fairy tale and I will have to work very hard to live up to the college expectations. I made sure to do a lot of research about the Institute before coming here as I did not want to appear out of place amongst my new classmates. I was already overwhelmed with the kind of cooperation I was getting from my seniors to adjust to the new settings. But when I finally reached the hostel there was a thing that particularly caught my attention. In the mess area, I could find these stickers saying – ‘Clean Plates’, ‘Save water’, ‘Be responsible’ etc. Upon doing a little bit of research I learned about UNGC PRME.

United Nations Global Compact- Principles for Responsible Management Education (UNGC PRME) is an initiative founded in 2007 to raise the profile of sustainability in schools around the world, and to equip today’s business students with the understanding and ability to deliver change tomorrow. I was impressed with my institute’s foresight to recognize the call of the moment and actually begin contributing towards the objective of sustainability.
I felt honored to learn that IIM Ranchi is the first IIM to become the signatory of UNGC PRME. Motivated by these initiatives I joined the action as a student volunteer for UNGC PRME committee in IIM Ranchi. At IIM Ranchi, we strive each day to promote a sustainable mindset. We work to reduce our consumption of resources. We achieve our ambitious goals of sustainability through research, academic coursework or community engagement initiatives. Our engagements and research work are how we bring the “Holistic development of individual, institutions and the society at large” part of our mission to life.
With the target of achieving all 17 sustainable goals in the coming future, we started off with – Zero hunger and Responsible consumption and production. The UNGC PRME Steering Committee of IIM Ranchi has launched 2 pilot initiatives for conservation of the two most important resources in modern lives- food and electricity. To promulgate awareness among the IIM Ranchi family members (students, teaching staff and non-teaching staff) about food wastage different measures like Posters and Flash mailers with catchy phrases are being circulated along with the data for world/country/state/city vs. institute level statistics.
This has also helped to ingrain a psychological impact and create sensitivity towards food wastage issue. For conservation of electricity, we conducted a competition between various hostel blocks in Khelegaon, with POCs (who volunteered themselves) in each block to run the campaign. The block with the maximum electricity savings (as compared to the previous month) was declared the winner. We are also aiming to promote the awareness of other SDGs in the near future.

I have come to realize that business and management schools play a key role in shaping the mindsets and skills of future leaders and can be powerful drivers of corporate sustainability. At IIM Ranchi we believe that change has begun and there’s still a lot to be done and we are constantly contributing to making the future managers aware of sustainability and business implications on the silent stakeholder i.e. environment.

Manjusha Shrimandil

Student Exchange Programme IIM Ranchi: Building Bridges

A Student Exchange Programme aims to bring a little more knowledge, a little more reason and a little more compassion into world affairs. Keeping the same spirit in mind, IIM Ranchi’s MBA Programme provides an opportunity for students to learn about business practices in various countries through the Student Exchange Programme (STEP) and/or study trips.

Media & PR Cell of IIM Ranchi had a chance to interview two students, Etienne Signoret and Charlotte Saint Georges who have come here for the Student Exchange Programme from Audencia Business School France and here’s an excerpt from the riveting conversation we had with them. While Etienne voluntarily opted for IIM Ranchi for the Student Exchange Programme, coming to IIMR has come as a pleasant surprise for Charlotte. Both of them recall being overwhelmed by the warm and unexpected welcome they received at the airport by the members of the Alumni & International Relations Committee. When asked about the difference in the education style of their college and IIMR, they find it to be quite similar with all the case studies, presentations, and group discussions but they appreciate the smaller batch size here which makes interacting with the faculty easier and facilitates one to one attention from the teachers. The only challenge that they are facing in the curriculum is understanding the Indian Economy, besides, of course, the Indian accent of the teachers, which gets confusing sometimes but Charlotte added that this does not pose a problem because the students are extremely helpful and cooperative. She is specifically fond of the bus rides where everyone engages in a light banter and they get to know each other more.

Talking about the places they got to explore, both of them had a chance to visit Ladakh and were immensely mesmerized by the beauty of the place as well as the serenity that abounds there. They have a zest for traveling which is testified by the long list of places they plan to visit in the near future including Kolkata, Varanasi, and Darjeeling.

Coming to food, though it’s a lot spicier here as compared to France yet both of them have developed a fondness for the balushahi which is served in mess every Thursday night. Elucidating their most memorable experience at IIM Ranchi till now, both of them recount the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi which took place with utmost zeal and fervor. While Charlotte enjoyed applying colors on each other’s faces, Etienne flaunted some Bhangra steps that he got to learn during the festivity. The schmooze ended with Charlotte inviting all of us to her penthouse for a grand party. As we got up to shake hands with them, they bade us goodbye with a “namaste” and I was reminded of the lines from the poem by Eric Cockrell…

“Whatever color your skin,
Whatever language you speak,
Whatever your sexual orientation or your religion
You are still human!!!
The sacredness of life is in the shared experience
real change and real dialogue occur when
the ears are grounded in the heart’s work…
building bridges!”


Before I joined IIM Ranchi I had some self-made sacred rules I loved to follow, few mention-able were like weekends should be just for my space and goes as per my will, a good long shower every day, an episode of ‘Game of Thrones’, watching a movie maybe, learn some chords in guitar and list goes on. Since I joined IIM Ranchi all I want is a four-hour of deep sleep without waking up anxiously searching for my phone to check if I missed any of those sacrosanct deadline. This place got a strange way to make you ready for any challenges you can ever face in a corporate world. And it’s still a mystery to me how seniors designed this curriculum that you won’t have even a fraction of second to waste but enough of time to eat your meal and rest 4 hours. You waste few hours and you are doomed for next forty-eight hours. But the best part in all of these is you are not the only one. You work in team, sip 7-8 cup coffees every night, waste time even though you know “Deadlines are coming”. Every time they made us stay awake till the dawn breaks, they made sure you work in a team. The task use to be big enough for two to finish in the given deadline but with your team you can manage just in time. Even though the schedule squeezes out the last drop of energy you are left with but end of the day I always felt it’s worth the pain. I learn something new every day and learn to perform under pressure every time. And the night is not only about assignments here though. You will be surprised to receive a mail at 7 in the evening with an invitation for a small party. Someday you hear an in-house music concert with some really good performances. The fun never dies in khelgaon hostel and the hostel doesn’t sleep the whole night. And when you stay awake this long churning your brain over your projects, you are bound to be hungry. The canteen comes for your rescue. The smell of coffee and Maggi lingers through the canteen and that is irresistible. It was not just a canteen; it was an official counselling centre of our hostel. Seniors share insights about their experience and how they dealt with the problem, how can we manage class and the after class assignments, PPT’s, the corporate competitions, projects, placements everything you want to know. It is during these informal discussions over coffee in canteen at 2AM when you are bonding with the seniors. There is a sense of being a part of a family among every student who was or is studying in IIM, Ranchi. The weather of Ranchi makes thing more interesting. As soon as the sun sets, the weather gets pleasant and the breeze starts to feel in your skin. Your mind calms down, and the body rejuvenates. The tiredness from the early morning class vanishes and you get ready for the coming challenge. Sometimes you manage to squeeze few minutes for yourself and take an evening walk in the Khelgaon. The lush green campus of Khelgaon with the breeze blowing and the peaceful lanes helps you to just take a step back and enjoy the moment. Sometimes you can hear few chords coming from the music room or some juniors trying out the drums disturbing the whole block. Time flies very fast in the campus and the busy nights keep us so occupied that it feels like yesterday that I joined IIM Ranchi. Every moment we spend in IIM Ranchi is an experience and a lesson making us ready, ready to be adaptable and smart like a crow.

Feel the RUSH at IIM Ranchi

By Aditya Vyas

1 (2)

IIM Ranchi was all pumped up to host its prestigious Sports and Cultural Fest – RUSH 2017 and the energy and enthusiasm in the campus was palpable with the campus buzzing with activities. True to its name, the two day event held at the illustrious Mega Sports Complex was set to get the adrenaline rush going with a gamut of Cultural and Sports event.


The extravaganza flagged off with the War of Bands and a thrilling cricket match between IIM Ranchi and IIM Sambalpur which went down to the wire. Highlights of Day 1 included RJ Hunt, Brilliant Solo and Group Dance Performances, Fashion Show- which set the stage on fire with a special showcase by Pantaloons and a magnificent performance by “High Note” the music club of IIM Ranchi. The audience also witnessed riveting encounters in Table Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball, Chess ,Carrom and Basketball where players sweated it out and showed great mental strength and character in the play offs to make their mark and reach the Finals.


The success of day 1 was very much visible by the enthusiasm and energy on Day 2. The Day started with mesmerizing performances in Solo Singing and Solo Instrumental Competitions. This was followed by Street Play and Mime Time where teams put up a splendid show. Meanwhile, Indoor Stadium at the Mega Sports Complex was filled with fervor and great frenzy, with the Qualifying teams in play offs battling it out with the great intensity. Players made each and every point count, adding much to the delight of the enthused supporter. Later in the evening, Prize distribution ceremony was held to reward the multi-hued assemblage of these young talents, who actively represented their college in various events and exhibited inner talents with flair and excellence.


What followed this ceremony was the Highlight of this edition of RUSH- the much awaited Star Night which saw an Electrifying performance by The Raghu Dixit Project that was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. The Event culminated with DJ night, where students danced it out and enjoyed to the fullest.

A shout out to the organizing team and volunteers who worked day and night to make the event a huge success!!!

FPM – Perspectives Corner

Sharad Agarwal Neuromanagement 2012


कर्तव्य के पुनीत पथ को
हमने स्वेद से सींचा है,
कभी-कभी अपने अश्रु और—
प्राणों का अर्ध्य भी दिया है।

किंतु, अपनी ध्येय-यात्रा में—
हम कभी रुके नहीं हैं।
किसी चुनौती के सम्मुख
कभी झुके नहीं हैं ।
आग्नेय परीक्षा की
इस घड़ी में—
आइए, अर्जुन की तरह
उद्घोष करें :
‘‘न दैन्यं न पलायनम्।’

Chandan Jha (FPM 2016)  dedicated this poem (adapted) to the memory of our friend and colleague Sharad Agarwal who passed away in February 2017, due to, what is believed to be a Cardiac event.  Sharad was on a visit to a temple near Haridwar, having taken the time off from IIM Ranchi for a job interview and a visit to his family.  Sharad’s loss came as a seismic shock to the entire IIM Ranchi fraternity, more so to the rather very small FPM community that loved him dearly.

FPM – Perspectives Corner

Below, some FPM students share their perspective on FPM at IIM Ranchi:

Abhilash Acharya Human Resources Management 2012

My fondest of memories include many – especially the first day itself was hilarious!! Our then FP Chair inquired about honest reasons for accepting admission and I did mention that it was the pay and proximity to home 😛 Later on, it became much much more than that 🙂 I have been in close contact with many of the doctoral students across IIMs & IITs, and I did realize that we were no less (but even better on most occasions 😉 – thanks to the kind of grind and training we were exposed to). I got an opportunity to travel and meet the best of the academics and professionals (renowned and budding), both in India and abroad – that was quite an enriching experience!! From getting my paper accepted for presentation at the prestigious Academy of Management Annual Conference in 2016 to having the condensed version of my thesis published in the highest ranked international journal of my domain of work (JKM), I could do it all during my stint at IIM Ranchi – it for sure made me who I am today 😎 I miss being in Khelgaon – more so because I used to stay in the “heritage party-venue” [A-804] and the terrace there offered the best view of a calm Ranchi intermingled with identifiable boisterous elements 😉 BTW, I never missed any “happening” event out there – something that I’m going to reminisce about, time and again 😛 All the best to the ones who are there – make the most of it, and keep growing after you move out :))

N.B. A colleague and good friend Sharad’s untimely death caused us immense pain – that’s one loss we are yet to recover from 😦


Kaustav Saha Strategy Management 2012 

The FPM had been a journey to revelations – that it’s not just to turn intoa management academic, but a step towards philosophizing. To me, the most fundamental element that I have learned is to raise questions – for even the most trivial of matters that I witness daily or regularly. And it has taught me to look for answers, or at least taught me where to look for them if I don’t have any. A doctorate program does not make one wise; I don’t believe I have become one. But it does, and I firmly believe, has made me wiser! And there’s no one single truth, hence research.


Abhishek Srivastava Analytics & Information Systems 2013


Anindita Ghosh Neuromanagement 2013

a detour in life – IIM,FPM

Unconditional love, support and guidance from faculties, unending desire, interest and thirst for my subject and the unassuming recognition, encouragement and motivation from my batch mates sum up my IIM, FPM journey

The ‘almost’ five years have been a life changing experience where I unlearned more, plunged to the nadir of hopelessness to be survived with a new life(literally), new hope and a new beginning!!

I am a quirky, elephant-size egoistic individual blended with generous potions of ‘crazy’

I can also safely mark myself as being an outlaw, a defiant and doing nothing that confirms to the FPM milieu. Yet in all contradictions and dichotomy, I have survived and truly experienced the flavors of life.

My subject: “Neuromanagement” was only  in sync with my temperament and personality bearing no similarity or familiarity with my existing educational background; combining mental(neuroscience), physical(experimental psychology) & the intelligent (math & statistics). I was cornered. Facing and conquering the subjects meaningfully was the only option. Countless hurdles fraught with endless impossibilities have been the hallmark of my research journey! But as they say: “fortune favours the brave & prepared;” I can already see a silver lining!! (Daydreaming about my convocation and life beyond….)

I am thankful for this journey which let me explore and learn a completely new subject, complemented my passion for travelling and reinforced my belief in “quod erit, hoc erit” (whatever will be, will be!)

Nitin Varma Analytics & Information Systems 2013

I will share what I found and what I learned.

It’s been all about making some conscious choices, making a leap of faith.  Choosing to do a full-time FPM when the market offers far easier choices, after almost 18 years of work experience, with retired parents and a family to take care of –  required me to derive strengths from a much higher order.  Choosing IIM Ranchi over confirmed admits from established institutes like IIM Lucknow and IIM Indore, among others,  was a tough decision to begin with, but the lure of Analytics and a host of factors made it happen.  Then, choosing a topic of research that would be exciting and could provide an opportunity to break some new grounds, was iterative and had its own decision making.  So Text mining, Context-Aware and Artificial Intelligence Systems, Big Data & so much more happened for me.  Even a perfunctory exploration of such emergent topics requires all the time in the world: 1) to figure out the pecking order of knowledge in that area 2) to understand the structure of knowledge 3) to assimilate that knowledge and 4) to use that knowledge in some applied variations, to understand its applications 5) then discover gaps and finally 6) find a gap to contribute your research.  Despite FPM apparently seeming to be what it is, the duration thus feels short.  In FPM, the onus being on self– one has to be an “internet explorer” of knowledge, in the real sense of those words.  There are aspects that could be better, but for what at this time is beyond one’s influence–one must make an appointment with destiny to be the change that one wishes to see.  And everyone does get a fair chance eventually!

Having talked about some of the interesting decision points, it seems human beings can take inspiration from trees –human beings must develop roots where they go, to develop the strength for a meaningful existence.  A number of student, social and volunteer activities and my love for competing ensured – we participated in many and won quite a few prestigious competitions at various revered industry-academia forums.  To cap it, my own doctoral research recently won me a Global Award in Europe.

So there’s been an increasing acknowledgement that contributions are valued and in general- it seems, the potential is huge and it is beginning to unlock.  To that extent, the FPM journey so far has all been very worth it.

Saurav Snehvrat Strategy Management 2013

I am going to share a glimpse from the opportunities accorded by FPM.  I had a chance to meet Prof. Jay Barney at the Strategic Management Society (SMS) Special Conference at Hong Kong, December 2016.

Prof. Barney is a stalwart in the field of strategic management. He is as polite as he is prolific. A great interaction for an FPM scholar from IIM Ranchi. A total of four members of the strategic management department (including faculties) from IIM Ranchi attended the conference.


Shweta Sharma Finance 2013

As an FPM scholar I got the opportunity to share ‘n’ discuss my research ideas not only on the national platforms like PAN IIM conference n IIM Lucknow but also on international platform of GBATA at Vienna Austria. It’s always great to be a part of intellectual gathering which Foster’s new ideas ‘n’ energy for further research.


Amit Kumar Strategic Management 2014

With a vision to excel myself in the field of management research, I joined fellow program (FPM-Strategic Management) at IIM Ranchi in 2014. I offer due respect to dear professors who have motivated me to pursue quality research during my stay over here. I realize the importance of FPM community and their invaluable support throughout. During my short-span of time, I had an opportunity to build an academic network through participating in conferences and research oriented programs. I am indebted to IIM Ranchi for providing me an opportunity to take my research to the advanced level through the Commonwealth of Australia Scholarship. I am continuing with my work now at University of Newcastle, Australia. I must congratulate our institute for providing me freedom to thrive and explore future avenues in this very regard.


Pradeep Kumar Marketing 2014

I joined FPM (Marketing) in 2014. Penning down my FPM experience is an Epinephrine, giving an intense feeling. During FPM program, I visited several countries for paper presentation. I am working in the area of healthcare and when it is your first research stint, what are the words that define your desires – what I know is very less, what I don’t know is immense.


Rajiv Kumar – Information Systems, eGovernance 2013

Prior to joining the IIM Ranchi, I had a wrong perception about the FPM (Ph.d) research problem. The research problem, which was in my mind was a consultancy problem, which I have realized after joining the IIM Ranchi. Despite the importance of the problem for the society, I have realized in the course of finalizing the research problem that the problem is not a research problem. This way I have learnt about the FPM research, where finding a right research problem is the most important part. This has helped me in proceeding in the right direction that has resulted into an important publication, can say achievement too.



Freshers’ Party 2017 – Yes, It is party time at IIM Ranchi !

Rock music, Welcome drinks, Tasty food, Smiles and resounding laughter all at the same time- yes, it is party time!!  Parties happen in IIMs and they create a buzz among the Freshers to forget deadlines and their so called sacrosanctity. Party goes beyond every deadline and our fresher’s party at IIM- Ranchi is no exception.

While seniors were  busy in  hunting for venue, juniors had their own sartorial worries to put a good show for the very first time in front of the whole batch . Needless to say, girls and few beauty conscious boys played treasure hunt and explored the city this way. Otherwise our buses ply on one single route and don’t give us such luxury.

Even nature conspired that day to make the event romantic and it yet again rained, We romantic souls rejoiced.

Not letting juniors know about the venue was a big excitement and was like boarding a bus of life with not sure on destination. Seniors took us to the venue and to our amazement, it was a big size luxuriant lawn with an attached hall to host the event.

In the late blissful evening of August 19th, perfectly set up for a Saturday night party the event was organized at “Celebrations” with both guys and girls dressed up their personal best bringing in all their zest for the revelry.

Juniors somehow could manage reaching after time but no punitive measures taken, rather they were the gate openers. Some lazy ones or who were overly conscious to go public had the luxury of money to reach venue on their own.

Host were the late comers for the first time but they are seniors, yeah..!! You are right, no questions asked. Juniors creatively utilized time to it’s consummate potential… What else can you expect out of bunch of college goers to do!! Selfie time!! Selfie, groupfie in every corner was clicked and somehow was posted timely over Facebook to let the other MBA aspirants know what they are missing sitting outside. It was an attempt to fetch them to MBA for the greater good.

Seniors finally arrived and ironically host were dearly welcomed by the freshers who were done with everything possible to do and left with thoughts hovering their mind and making plans and looking out for something which MBA goers dearly want for the party night. To loose themselves in the breeze of RANCHI. I know your thoughts have taken you to rejoice what can’t be said, so how can you expect us to serve it then.

Contestants for the Mr. and Ms. Fresher title lined up on the stage

Taking the reins of the event and hosting the Mr. Fresher and Ms. Fresher was something we anticipated. But the built-up story needs revelation- anonymous confessions gone public over Facebook and nomination for the Mr and Ms Fresher were done a day prior to the event and elected nominations floated thereafter. Coming back to the night, competition was fierce and no one after reaching wanted to give up but rather prove their mettle in front of 400 people. Here were 8 nominees who competed with full zeal and great enthusiasm to be crowned as the Mr. and Ms. Fresher ’17. First round was to show the talent – the X factor follows by the second round of candidate endorsement by the seniors. Our Mr. Fresher Pratik Munghate and Ms. Fresher Loziia Genevieve nailed it with their talent prowess and endorsement fetch from the seniors. As they shared their victory drinks, the party was all set to commence.

After that everyone grooved to the dancing numbers in the open lawn with starters being served having the element of inaccessibility. We, who have belled the CAT knows it how to strategize when the going gets tough to reach food stalls through the tranche of bog. We did pretty well and had enough to satiate out hunger. Treading through the bogs and diving in the networking bogs with senior could be manifested at every square feet of the open lawn.


Vividness could be manifested everywhere and it infused us with energy to work hard when we reach back hostel.



Management in day to day life: A different perspective

In layman terms, management means taking control of any activity and ensuring that it gets completed successfully. Managing is a never ending cycle; it starts right from the time one wakes up in the morning to the time one sets alarm for the next day and goes to sleep.

One of the common misconceptions surrounding the word “management” is that people tend to relate it to one’s career or qualification aspect only. The term “management” is glorified these days and people tend to associate it with going to a good school and earning a formal degree from a reputable university and then getting into a good organisation (preferably an MNC) where you can experience self-development and career growth. Management is explicitly present and important in all these areas but what we often tend to ignore, is the fact that management is applicable to even day-to-day tasks and that too in all walks of life. It encompasses all aspects of our life. The reason why we overlook this reality is because we have got so used to doing these tasks that we ignore the management aspect associated with them. Anything, even as mundane as daily exercise or catching up with friends or relatives over the weekend needs proper management. One has to effectively manage their time so as to maximise the output.

Take a closer look and you will realise that everyday life brings us many experiences that may not be “life-changing” but would hold important management and leadership lessons. The tasks of a homemaker are often looked down upon but if we take a closer look then we can understand that being a homemaker involves tremendous management skills. Managing an entire family, taking care of each individual’s specific needs, resolving petty fights among children and also keeping the bonds intact, is one of the most challenging examples of management. A homemaker needs to plan for the entire family, work round the clock, ensure that meals are prepared well on time, etc. All this may seem to be quite easy but in reality it is a very challenging and complex job. A homemaker not just looks after her own schedule but also tries her level best to make life easier for the rest of the family members.

A homemaker is the one who manages the entire functioning of a house just like a manager looks after the functions of his/her team. A homemaker needs to plan ahead for the entire family, foresee any problems that may arise, multi-task to make the best use of their time and be ready with solutions for any last minute hiccups. If things are not going as per schedule or if any sort of conflict arises in an organisational setup, the employees will immediately report it to the manager. Now it is the duty of the manager to take appropriate actions because he is responsible for the smooth functioning of an organisation; likewise, is the responsibility of a housewife.  She not only has to take care of her family’s needs but also has to support them emotionally and morally. She is the force behind making a house feel like home, and that is ten times the task of being a manager at work.

Take the simple example of the times when she takes into view everyone’s likes and dislikes and prepares the food accordingly – this is called Stakeholder Analysis in the corporate world wherein you analyse what your customer wants and try to make your product appeal to them.

Another example would be a simple visit to the supermarket – a homemaker would look across the breadth of the products to choose one that fits their budget but does no concessions on health – a clear case of Market Analysis, considered a corner stone of management.

A homemaker knows how to leverage the knowledge among her peers to discover better opportunities. From a better school for her kids to homely recipes for a healthier life – this best exemplifies the benefits of Strategic Networking.

All this may seem to be quite easy but in reality it is very challenging to not just look after your own schedule but also to make life easier for the rest of the family members. All in all we can see that a Homemaker is the epitome of a good leader and an efficient manager.


Birds have left their nests…The Crows of IIMR!



High on determination, twinkle in eyes and chirpiness in attitude..the batch of IIMR 2017-19 entered into the premises of Khelgaon campus..which would officially be our residential area for the next two years in IIM Ranchi!!
All of us were very excited to embark our journey into the B-school…the IIM..!

The days for most of us started with getting familiar to our rooms getting acquainted with the flatmates/floormates and ofcourse running around for the amenities for our new found hostel rooms! It was a fun filled eventful initial two days, interacting with the new faces, the seniors, some known, many unknown but all smiling fresh ready to begin with the commencement of the new session.

Most of us got our registrations got completed within two days and then we had our first official addressable from the director, the management, and the student council of IIMR. After having the entire ceremony, very quick to our knowledge was it brought that a 10 days long Induction Program would follow where we all would be divided among groups to pass 3 management challenges before we could officially mark ourselves as crows of IIM Ranchi!!

Startled and ambiguous with all of this happening so quickly, we got sorted into our groups and begun with the management challenge one-the movie making challenge !! IREMPOKELY: Oh what fun it was to begin with such innovative and ideas full of different spectrums of each individuality!! First night at it, and we almost had lost our sleeps engrossed into pulling in ideas and execution to emerge as winners!!

The very next day begun with preparatory classes specially arranged for freshers on areas of focus, a sports activity that followed afterwards!!  We actually had a trip back to our school time…playing dodge ball, tug of war, 4 legged race…and ofcourse Ranchi’s weather susceptibility…it rained!!

The next few days had interesting round like a Know your city tour, where we had an opportunity to get around Ranchi, know the tourist spots, hangout places,MS Dhoni’s house..malls…our seniors were all along with us throughout guiding us all..!

Then arrived our ever first management challenge, challenge no.2 – wherein we had to demonstrate a management fair, to present our ideas in the form of kiosks set up by the groups.!! We witnessed such innovative and catchy ideas..which also gave us a shorthand demo of how we should be pepped up with the competitions arriving in future!! We also celebrated the International Yoga Day, having a yoga session in the morning..!! What a relaxing and rejuvenating event it was!!

The following days had the introduction to various clubs and committees and SIGs of IIM Ranchi where the seniors made an entire setup for us to be familiar with the IIM Ranchi family. The event was completely organized and presented by the seniors which helped us to know the functioning and execution of all of it.

My personal favorite was the Treasure Hunt: or the ice breaking session..late at night..exhausted and drained out with the jam packed schedule…all of us had an amazing fun filled first formal interaction with the seniors..finding clues, running through the multiple floors, knocking rooms and having amusing activities.!!

Last but not the least, our induction ended with a cultural night and all of us gave our performances as teams…dance drama music and utmost creative amazing live models!! We had our final oaths as IIM Ranchians after completing all the steps!!

All in all…a heartful warm welcome by the IIM Ranchi family and inexplicable tremendous support from our they too spent sleepless nights and long stringent hours planning each and every minute detail of the successful execution of the entire induction make our beginning so memorable!! A home away from home…we made mistakes..we fell..we picked ourselves up but at the end we all have been geared up to take on the coming 2 years a life changing experience!!!


The story has been shared by Bhawana Prabhakar of 2017-19 batch.

A Day At IIM Ranchi

IIM Ranchi induction

“A family that never sleeps!” – Yes, that’s us. That is IIM, Ranchi for you. You could argue about this being normal at any IIM. And we would agree. But, we do a lot more!

An average day at IIM Ranchi begins at around 7 in the morning, and goes on in the wee hours of the night. They say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and us crows believe in that. As we rush through in 15 minutes to board our buses, we don’t forget to grab a bite from our canteen/cafeteria. The bus journey is reserved for case studies, newspapers and the occasional nap. While some might argue, that we lose time in transit, we have a different take to it. We feel it is time earned, and we know how to make use of it, when we get it!

As we go through our daily routine of lectures, and mini breaks, we never know what is coming next. A group discussion, a case study or maybe, even a surprise quiz! It won’t be surprising for you to find us watching movies too, for our professors know how to keep us engaged! While the case studies and surprise quizzes keep us on our toes, the audio visual learning makes it a fun experience.

If there are no guest lectures planned in the evening, we head to Khelgaon – a place every Crow calls his second home. The amazing weather and the lush greenery all around Khelgaon, is a welcome break from the city, and believe me, it takes away all your stress except assignments ofcourse!

And then, the fun begins! A few of us head to the cafeteria to start our second innings with a hot beverage, and the fitness freaks head to the gym. By the time we are done, its already dusk and now our watch begins! A plethora of activities start simultaneously in every corner of KhelGaon and the campus comes to life. Be it group tasks, corporate competitions, a few games under the lights or just honing our music skills, you can find us everywhere. You can also find a few of us in our rooms, poring through our books, or reading novels.

As night descends, it is time for dinner. But, (un)fortunately, its not the last meal of the day for us! Because, the night is dark and full of assignments! And how can we forget our clubs, committees and Special Interest Groups (SIGs ) – the seniors ensure that there is not a dull moment to be had, with meetings scheduled at 2 or 3 AM! At the end of it all, a crow retires to his nest. And that is where the best part comes in – we have single occupancy rooms! A crow is the only one in his nest, and like a bird, he sleeps till the break of dawn. And he waits, for he knows not, what awaits him the next day! A crow – knows nothing!

Authored by Aviral Tiwari,

PGDM Batch 2016-18, IIM Ranchi.