FPM – Perspectives Corner

Sharad Agarwal Neuromanagement 2012


कर्तव्य के पुनीत पथ को
हमने स्वेद से सींचा है,
कभी-कभी अपने अश्रु और—
प्राणों का अर्ध्य भी दिया है।

किंतु, अपनी ध्येय-यात्रा में—
हम कभी रुके नहीं हैं।
किसी चुनौती के सम्मुख
कभी झुके नहीं हैं ।
आग्नेय परीक्षा की
इस घड़ी में—
आइए, अर्जुन की तरह
उद्घोष करें :
‘‘न दैन्यं न पलायनम्।’

Chandan Jha (FPM 2016)  dedicated this poem (adapted) to the memory of our friend and colleague Sharad Agarwal who passed away in February 2017, due to, what is believed to be a Cardiac event.  Sharad was on a visit to a temple near Haridwar, having taken the time off from IIM Ranchi for a job interview and a visit to his family.  Sharad’s loss came as a seismic shock to the entire IIM Ranchi fraternity, more so to the rather very small FPM community that loved him dearly.

FPM – Perspectives Corner

Below, some FPM students share their perspective on FPM at IIM Ranchi:

Abhilash Acharya Human Resources Management 2012

My fondest of memories include many – especially the first day itself was hilarious!! Our then FP Chair inquired about honest reasons for accepting admission and I did mention that it was the pay and proximity to home 😛 Later on, it became much much more than that 🙂 I have been in close contact with many of the doctoral students across IIMs & IITs, and I did realize that we were no less (but even better on most occasions 😉 – thanks to the kind of grind and training we were exposed to). I got an opportunity to travel and meet the best of the academics and professionals (renowned and budding), both in India and abroad – that was quite an enriching experience!! From getting my paper accepted for presentation at the prestigious Academy of Management Annual Conference in 2016 to having the condensed version of my thesis published in the highest ranked international journal of my domain of work (JKM), I could do it all during my stint at IIM Ranchi – it for sure made me who I am today 😎 I miss being in Khelgaon – more so because I used to stay in the “heritage party-venue” [A-804] and the terrace there offered the best view of a calm Ranchi intermingled with identifiable boisterous elements 😉 BTW, I never missed any “happening” event out there – something that I’m going to reminisce about, time and again 😛 All the best to the ones who are there – make the most of it, and keep growing after you move out :))

N.B. A colleague and good friend Sharad’s untimely death caused us immense pain – that’s one loss we are yet to recover from 😦


Kaustav Saha Strategy Management 2012 

The FPM had been a journey to revelations – that it’s not just to turn intoa management academic, but a step towards philosophizing. To me, the most fundamental element that I have learned is to raise questions – for even the most trivial of matters that I witness daily or regularly. And it has taught me to look for answers, or at least taught me where to look for them if I don’t have any. A doctorate program does not make one wise; I don’t believe I have become one. But it does, and I firmly believe, has made me wiser! And there’s no one single truth, hence research.


Abhishek Srivastava Analytics & Information Systems 2013


Anindita Ghosh Neuromanagement 2013

a detour in life – IIM,FPM

Unconditional love, support and guidance from faculties, unending desire, interest and thirst for my subject and the unassuming recognition, encouragement and motivation from my batch mates sum up my IIM, FPM journey

The ‘almost’ five years have been a life changing experience where I unlearned more, plunged to the nadir of hopelessness to be survived with a new life(literally), new hope and a new beginning!!

I am a quirky, elephant-size egoistic individual blended with generous potions of ‘crazy’

I can also safely mark myself as being an outlaw, a defiant and doing nothing that confirms to the FPM milieu. Yet in all contradictions and dichotomy, I have survived and truly experienced the flavors of life.

My subject: “Neuromanagement” was only  in sync with my temperament and personality bearing no similarity or familiarity with my existing educational background; combining mental(neuroscience), physical(experimental psychology) & the intelligent (math & statistics). I was cornered. Facing and conquering the subjects meaningfully was the only option. Countless hurdles fraught with endless impossibilities have been the hallmark of my research journey! But as they say: “fortune favours the brave & prepared;” I can already see a silver lining!! (Daydreaming about my convocation and life beyond….)

I am thankful for this journey which let me explore and learn a completely new subject, complemented my passion for travelling and reinforced my belief in “quod erit, hoc erit” (whatever will be, will be!)

Nitin Varma Analytics & Information Systems 2013

I will share what I found and what I learned.

It’s been all about making some conscious choices, making a leap of faith.  Choosing to do a full-time FPM when the market offers far easier choices, after almost 18 years of work experience, with retired parents and a family to take care of –  required me to derive strengths from a much higher order.  Choosing IIM Ranchi over confirmed admits from established institutes like IIM Lucknow and IIM Indore, among others,  was a tough decision to begin with, but the lure of Analytics and a host of factors made it happen.  Then, choosing a topic of research that would be exciting and could provide an opportunity to break some new grounds, was iterative and had its own decision making.  So Text mining, Context-Aware and Artificial Intelligence Systems, Big Data & so much more happened for me.  Even a perfunctory exploration of such emergent topics requires all the time in the world: 1) to figure out the pecking order of knowledge in that area 2) to understand the structure of knowledge 3) to assimilate that knowledge and 4) to use that knowledge in some applied variations, to understand its applications 5) then discover gaps and finally 6) find a gap to contribute your research.  Despite FPM apparently seeming to be what it is, the duration thus feels short.  In FPM, the onus being on self– one has to be an “internet explorer” of knowledge, in the real sense of those words.  There are aspects that could be better, but for what at this time is beyond one’s influence–one must make an appointment with destiny to be the change that one wishes to see.  And everyone does get a fair chance eventually!

Having talked about some of the interesting decision points, it seems human beings can take inspiration from trees –human beings must develop roots where they go, to develop the strength for a meaningful existence.  A number of student, social and volunteer activities and my love for competing ensured – we participated in many and won quite a few prestigious competitions at various revered industry-academia forums.  To cap it, my own doctoral research recently won me a Global Award in Europe.

So there’s been an increasing acknowledgement that contributions are valued and in general- it seems, the potential is huge and it is beginning to unlock.  To that extent, the FPM journey so far has all been very worth it.

Saurav Snehvrat Strategy Management 2013

I am going to share a glimpse from the opportunities accorded by FPM.  I had a chance to meet Prof. Jay Barney at the Strategic Management Society (SMS) Special Conference at Hong Kong, December 2016.

Prof. Barney is a stalwart in the field of strategic management. He is as polite as he is prolific. A great interaction for an FPM scholar from IIM Ranchi. A total of four members of the strategic management department (including faculties) from IIM Ranchi attended the conference.


Shweta Sharma Finance 2013

As an FPM scholar I got the opportunity to share ‘n’ discuss my research ideas not only on the national platforms like PAN IIM conference n IIM Lucknow but also on international platform of GBATA at Vienna Austria. It’s always great to be a part of intellectual gathering which Foster’s new ideas ‘n’ energy for further research.


Amit Kumar Strategic Management 2014

With a vision to excel myself in the field of management research, I joined fellow program (FPM-Strategic Management) at IIM Ranchi in 2014. I offer due respect to dear professors who have motivated me to pursue quality research during my stay over here. I realize the importance of FPM community and their invaluable support throughout. During my short-span of time, I had an opportunity to build an academic network through participating in conferences and research oriented programs. I am indebted to IIM Ranchi for providing me an opportunity to take my research to the advanced level through the Commonwealth of Australia Scholarship. I am continuing with my work now at University of Newcastle, Australia. I must congratulate our institute for providing me freedom to thrive and explore future avenues in this very regard.


Pradeep Kumar Marketing 2014

I joined FPM (Marketing) in 2014. Penning down my FPM experience is an Epinephrine, giving an intense feeling. During FPM program, I visited several countries for paper presentation. I am working in the area of healthcare and when it is your first research stint, what are the words that define your desires – what I know is very less, what I don’t know is immense.


Rajiv Kumar – Information Systems, eGovernance 2013

Prior to joining the IIM Ranchi, I had a wrong perception about the FPM (Ph.d) research problem. The research problem, which was in my mind was a consultancy problem, which I have realized after joining the IIM Ranchi. Despite the importance of the problem for the society, I have realized in the course of finalizing the research problem that the problem is not a research problem. This way I have learnt about the FPM research, where finding a right research problem is the most important part. This has helped me in proceeding in the right direction that has resulted into an important publication, can say achievement too.




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