Before I joined IIM Ranchi I had some self-made sacred rules I loved to follow, few mention-able were like weekends should be just for my space and goes as per my will, a good long shower every day, an episode of ‘Game of Thrones’, watching a movie maybe, learn some chords in guitar and list goes on. Since I joined IIM Ranchi all I want is a four-hour of deep sleep without waking up anxiously searching for my phone to check if I missed any of those sacrosanct deadline. This place got a strange way to make you ready for any challenges you can ever face in a corporate world. And it’s still a mystery to me how seniors designed this curriculum that you won’t have even a fraction of second to waste but enough of time to eat your meal and rest 4 hours. You waste few hours and you are doomed for next forty-eight hours. But the best part in all of these is you are not the only one. You work in team, sip 7-8 cup coffees every night, waste time even though you know “Deadlines are coming”. Every time they made us stay awake till the dawn breaks, they made sure you work in a team. The task use to be big enough for two to finish in the given deadline but with your team you can manage just in time. Even though the schedule squeezes out the last drop of energy you are left with but end of the day I always felt it’s worth the pain. I learn something new every day and learn to perform under pressure every time. And the night is not only about assignments here though. You will be surprised to receive a mail at 7 in the evening with an invitation for a small party. Someday you hear an in-house music concert with some really good performances. The fun never dies in khelgaon hostel and the hostel doesn’t sleep the whole night. And when you stay awake this long churning your brain over your projects, you are bound to be hungry. The canteen comes for your rescue. The smell of coffee and Maggi lingers through the canteen and that is irresistible. It was not just a canteen; it was an official counselling centre of our hostel. Seniors share insights about their experience and how they dealt with the problem, how can we manage class and the after class assignments, PPT’s, the corporate competitions, projects, placements everything you want to know. It is during these informal discussions over coffee in canteen at 2AM when you are bonding with the seniors. There is a sense of being a part of a family among every student who was or is studying in IIM, Ranchi. The weather of Ranchi makes thing more interesting. As soon as the sun sets, the weather gets pleasant and the breeze starts to feel in your skin. Your mind calms down, and the body rejuvenates. The tiredness from the early morning class vanishes and you get ready for the coming challenge. Sometimes you manage to squeeze few minutes for yourself and take an evening walk in the Khelgaon. The lush green campus of Khelgaon with the breeze blowing and the peaceful lanes helps you to just take a step back and enjoy the moment. Sometimes you can hear few chords coming from the music room or some juniors trying out the drums disturbing the whole block. Time flies very fast in the campus and the busy nights keep us so occupied that it feels like yesterday that I joined IIM Ranchi. Every moment we spend in IIM Ranchi is an experience and a lesson making us ready, ready to be adaptable and smart like a crow.


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