Birds have left their nests…The Crows of IIMR!



High on determination, twinkle in eyes and chirpiness in attitude..the batch of IIMR 2017-19 entered into the premises of Khelgaon campus..which would officially be our residential area for the next two years in IIM Ranchi!!
All of us were very excited to embark our journey into the B-school…the IIM..!

The days for most of us started with getting familiar to our rooms getting acquainted with the flatmates/floormates and ofcourse running around for the amenities for our new found hostel rooms! It was a fun filled eventful initial two days, interacting with the new faces, the seniors, some known, many unknown but all smiling fresh ready to begin with the commencement of the new session.

Most of us got our registrations got completed within two days and then we had our first official addressable from the director, the management, and the student council of IIMR. After having the entire ceremony, very quick to our knowledge was it brought that a 10 days long Induction Program would follow where we all would be divided among groups to pass 3 management challenges before we could officially mark ourselves as crows of IIM Ranchi!!

Startled and ambiguous with all of this happening so quickly, we got sorted into our groups and begun with the management challenge one-the movie making challenge !! IREMPOKELY: Oh what fun it was to begin with such innovative and ideas full of different spectrums of each individuality!! First night at it, and we almost had lost our sleeps engrossed into pulling in ideas and execution to emerge as winners!!

The very next day begun with preparatory classes specially arranged for freshers on areas of focus, a sports activity that followed afterwards!!  We actually had a trip back to our school time…playing dodge ball, tug of war, 4 legged race…and ofcourse Ranchi’s weather susceptibility…it rained!!

The next few days had interesting round like a Know your city tour, where we had an opportunity to get around Ranchi, know the tourist spots, hangout places,MS Dhoni’s house..malls…our seniors were all along with us throughout guiding us all..!

Then arrived our ever first management challenge, challenge no.2 – wherein we had to demonstrate a management fair, to present our ideas in the form of kiosks set up by the groups.!! We witnessed such innovative and catchy ideas..which also gave us a shorthand demo of how we should be pepped up with the competitions arriving in future!! We also celebrated the International Yoga Day, having a yoga session in the morning..!! What a relaxing and rejuvenating event it was!!

The following days had the introduction to various clubs and committees and SIGs of IIM Ranchi where the seniors made an entire setup for us to be familiar with the IIM Ranchi family. The event was completely organized and presented by the seniors which helped us to know the functioning and execution of all of it.

My personal favorite was the Treasure Hunt: or the ice breaking session..late at night..exhausted and drained out with the jam packed schedule…all of us had an amazing fun filled first formal interaction with the seniors..finding clues, running through the multiple floors, knocking rooms and having amusing activities.!!

Last but not the least, our induction ended with a cultural night and all of us gave our performances as teams…dance drama music and utmost creative amazing live models!! We had our final oaths as IIM Ranchians after completing all the steps!!

All in all…a heartful warm welcome by the IIM Ranchi family and inexplicable tremendous support from our they too spent sleepless nights and long stringent hours planning each and every minute detail of the successful execution of the entire induction make our beginning so memorable!! A home away from home…we made mistakes..we fell..we picked ourselves up but at the end we all have been geared up to take on the coming 2 years a life changing experience!!!


The story has been shared by Bhawana Prabhakar of 2017-19 batch.


A Day At IIM Ranchi

IIM Ranchi induction

“A family that never sleeps!” – Yes, that’s us. That is IIM, Ranchi for you. You could argue about this being normal at any IIM. And we would agree. But, we do a lot more!

An average day at IIM Ranchi begins at around 7 in the morning, and goes on in the wee hours of the night. They say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and us crows believe in that. As we rush through in 15 minutes to board our buses, we don’t forget to grab a bite from our canteen/cafeteria. The bus journey is reserved for case studies, newspapers and the occasional nap. While some might argue, that we lose time in transit, we have a different take to it. We feel it is time earned, and we know how to make use of it, when we get it!

As we go through our daily routine of lectures, and mini breaks, we never know what is coming next. A group discussion, a case study or maybe, even a surprise quiz! It won’t be surprising for you to find us watching movies too, for our professors know how to keep us engaged! While the case studies and surprise quizzes keep us on our toes, the audio visual learning makes it a fun experience.

If there are no guest lectures planned in the evening, we head to Khelgaon – a place every Crow calls his second home. The amazing weather and the lush greenery all around Khelgaon, is a welcome break from the city, and believe me, it takes away all your stress except assignments ofcourse!

And then, the fun begins! A few of us head to the cafeteria to start our second innings with a hot beverage, and the fitness freaks head to the gym. By the time we are done, its already dusk and now our watch begins! A plethora of activities start simultaneously in every corner of KhelGaon and the campus comes to life. Be it group tasks, corporate competitions, a few games under the lights or just honing our music skills, you can find us everywhere. You can also find a few of us in our rooms, poring through our books, or reading novels.

As night descends, it is time for dinner. But, (un)fortunately, its not the last meal of the day for us! Because, the night is dark and full of assignments! And how can we forget our clubs, committees and Special Interest Groups (SIGs ) – the seniors ensure that there is not a dull moment to be had, with meetings scheduled at 2 or 3 AM! At the end of it all, a crow retires to his nest. And that is where the best part comes in – we have single occupancy rooms! A crow is the only one in his nest, and like a bird, he sleeps till the break of dawn. And he waits, for he knows not, what awaits him the next day! A crow – knows nothing!

Authored by Aviral Tiwari,

PGDM Batch 2016-18, IIM Ranchi.

Radix 2017 – Connect, Enthuse, Foster

radixA vision born in 2015, RADIX was the brainchild of the students of IIM Ranchi. The institute’s annual business conclave provides a base for the students to complement the learning imbibed in a B-school with the hands-on experience from the industry which they aspire to be a part of.

This year, IIM Ranchi hosted the 3rd edition of the Business Conclave on the 28th-29th of January with the theme ‘Turning the ocean blue’.

“Redefining a market altogether by challenging the dogmas of competition strategy and pursuing differentiation & low cost simultaneously; creating a multi-horizon portfolio for growth.”

radix IIM Ranchi

Professor Amarendu Nandy of IIM Ranchi welcomed the guests and reiterated the core values of the Institute – honesty, humility and hard work.  It is this set of values that constantly guides the students to stand out in the world. The first speaker – Mr Rajib Basu, Partner, Risk Advisory, KPMG, started his talk by re-emphasizing the difference between Red and Blue Ocean Strategy.

Mr Amit Pandey, the Chief operating officer of Exicom Tele Systems Ltd, inspired the students through his energy and experience. He talked about how a positive mindset is essential to create innovation.

Ms Sangeeta Sumesh, CFO and Executive Director, Dun and Bradstreet, gave real life examples of how companies in various industries are taking to create the niche market by reaching into the untapped potential. She encouraged pursuing differentiation and adopting ‘innovative thinking’.

A panel discussion followed, with the theme ‘Building Systems or culture?’. Prof. Rohit Kumar of IIM Ranchi and the speakers elucidated their opinions on the topic. Each member of the panel took turns in answering broad questions on which holds more strategic importance and value, which is easier to imitate and what the nexus between the two is.

The last speaker for the day, Mr. Pankaj Chadha, Partner, S. R. Batlinoi – Ernst & Young, said- “The speed is changing, innovation has become imperative and there is no pre-set design for innovation”.  He ended by emphasising that responding to change is important as it affects everybody.

After some great insights from speakers on day 1 of Radix – the second day commenced with a welcoming speech by Pratik Kanthe, President of the Student Council, IIM Ranchi.

The first speaker of the day, Ms Ishita Aggarwal, Financial Head, Asia-Pacific, Bombardier, shared various examples of innovation in the transportation sector across the globe. “Most times just an idea isn’t enough, you need a lot more”, she said. Talking about the theme she said, “A blue ocean is not permanent; it becomes bloody very quickly.” She also shared her insights on edge strategy, making profits out of under-utilized resources.

radix IIM Ranchi

Mr, Ishita Aggarwal, Bombardier

“When following a blue ocean strategy, it is important to protect that which is valuable to you and build a guard around your market share. Instead of venturing into a blue ocean bring a large fish in the red ocean”, said Mr Sriram Gopalaswamy, Head of commercial marketing, Lenovo.

Taking the topic forward, Mr Sanjay Kulkarni, Vice President (Business Head), Ester Industries, encouraged students to create opportunities by failing quickly. He referred to the Samudra Manthan story from Indian Mythology as an analogy to churn knowledge, plant experience and foster capabilities in order to come up with new products and services.

Mr Subhankar Ghose, Chief People Officer, Zoom Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. talked about blue ocean strategy from the perspective of HR. A good culture, space, bosses and peers are the driving forces for promoting innovation and this is the huge challenge in today’s world, he said.

 Mr Jaideep Mallick, Associate VP, Godrej, stressed on the sustainability of a product for a longer duration as most organisations are risk-averse and lack the initiative to dream big and be different.

radix IIM RanchiMr Jaideep Mallick, Godrej

Mr Sandeep Tyagi, Director HR, Samsung Electronics, the last speaker for the day, talked about navigating across the ocean with a complex organisational structure using the right strategy for driving innovation and leadership.

radix IIM Ranchi

The event ended with a vote of thanks and heartfelt expression of gratitude, delivered by Saad Hashmi, Secretary of the Student Council of IIM Ranchi, to the ten speakers, members of the faculty and participants, for being an essential part of the third edition of Radix and keeping up the vision of the conclave – To Connect, Enthuse and Foster.


68th Republic Day Celebrations at IIM Ranchi

It was a day of remembrance, a day of happiness, a day that truly marked the beginning of an all new era of freedom and sovereignty. The students of IIM Ranchi celebrated the 68th Republic Day on 26th January,2017 with great enthusiasm and zeal as they came together to make the occasion joyous and memorable. The day began with the flag hoisting ceremony at Suchana Bhavan .  The tricolor was hoisted by Brigadier V S Saini (Chief Administrative Officer). As the flag unfurled against the morning sky, pride and love for the nation made its presence felt yet again in the hearts of everyone gathered there. The voice of all the students, the staff and the faculty became one as they sang the national anthem. A group performance by students of IIM Ranchi on the song ‘Vande Matram’filled the air with patriotic fervor. The day became even more melodious as Khushbu Patel expressed her love for the nation through her mellifluous voice.  Kshitij Sharma, paid tribute to the amazing country that India is through his rendition of ‘Ma Tujhe Salam.’ The celebrations ended with the inspiring words of Brigadier V S Saini as he urged all present there to follow the ideals of love, equality and brotherhood that make our country truly unique and special.

 Samarpan, the Social Responsibility Club of IIM Ranchi organized a blood donation camp to mark the day. The initiative was taken by the club in order to create awareness about blood donation and to reiterate its importance in saving lives Students expressed their full support to the initiative taken by the club and turned up in huge numbers to do their bit for the society.. The smile and joy of giving were evident on the faces of every donor. We hope that these traditions
will continue, making our Republic Day not just a national holiday, but a day
we look back upon as a day well and meaningfully spent.

To new beginnings

An MoU was signed between IIM Ranchi and UNICEF on December 9th, 2016. UNICEF is partnering with IIM Ranchi to set up a Centre for Policy Advocacy & Management (CPAM) to continuously advocate, engage and collaborate with policy makers and other stakeholders on child survival, protection and development issues.

Welcoming the initiative, the CAO of IIM Ranchi, Brig. VS Saini said that this enhanced partnership would help improve the lives of children and families in Jharkhand.

Dr. Madhulika Jonathan, Chief of UNICEF, Jharkhand said, “We are glad to be partnering with IIM Ranchi on the occasion of UNICEF’s 70th anniversary this year. UNICEF’s mandate and innovation strategy focuses on expanding partnerships with academic organizations to be able to leverage new ideas, strategies and approaches to improving the development goals. To seek to reach the SDGs, UNICEF is seeking to go beyond short-term engagements to integrated partnerships that add value to regional activities, advance critical analysis and programming, and can have impact on a large scale.”

Addressing the students and guests, Director of IIM Ranchi, Prof Anindya Sen said that this initiative would provide a golden opportunity to the faculty members as well as students of IIM Ranchi to contribute towards the growth and inclusive development of Jharkhand. This opportunity will be the ideal platform for students to know of the ground realities, and be able to consolidate their efforts towards the betterment of the society.

She said that the engagement with IIM Ranchi would have CPAM host scholars, researchers and subject experts as a part of the Visiting Scholars Programme for identifying gaps, suggesting solutions and building an evidence base to influence and strengthen government programmes and policies. Advocacy seminars and conferences will be organized to increase awareness of students, companies, NGOs/CSOs and the civil society on child rights, sustainable development goals (SDGs), responsible business practices and corporate engagement. Capacity development programmes are planned for government officials and working professionals on management aspects and corporate social responsibility in partnership with Jharkhand Corporate Social Responsibility Council of the Department of Industries, Mines and Geology. The CPAM will also undertake documentation of innovative CSR work and best practices in the field.

The initiative also aims to provide stability and direction to innovative thinking so as to create a ‘new policy environment’ in Jharkhand for the successful implementation of policies taken up by the government. It also has a long term vision of combating nutrition related issues in order to come up with a solution for malnutrition which is a gripping problem in the state. To further the cause of Swachh Bharat, awareness regarding sanitation would also be an agenda of this programme.

In addition to this, efforts will be made to document the CSR initiatives and practices undertaken by the people of Jharkhand. The students of Ranchi are enthusiastic about the prospect of working with the international body on this noble cause.

A CA’s Perspective on Demonetisation

Amidst all the demonetisation chaos, IIM Ranchi students had the honour of having an interactive session with Mr Parag Kulkarni. The Finance Club of IIM Ranchi organized a meet with Mr Parag who is the first & youngest Indian to complete CA exams from India, USA, England & Wales. He is an associate member of Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW), Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), a Charter Holder for CPA(USA), has also completed Diploma in IFR from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), London and IFRS Certification from ICAI.


In the session Mr Parag discussed the impact of demonetisation and its implications on different sectors of the Indian economy. Welcoming the step of demonetisation taken by the government, Mr Parag explained its global perspective. “There are four types of money in the market”, he said, “ Black Money– the money that remains unaccounted to avoid paying taxes. Grey Money – the money that leaves the country unaccounted (black money in foreign country) but is brought back again into the economy as white money (in form of some foreign investments). Then there is Green Money – the fake and counterfeit currencies brought in by anti-nationals. Lastly, Red Money – money that comes out of illegal business activities.”

Mr Parag blamed the bureaucratic system of governance, improper rules and policies of businesses for black money in the economy. He added that to eradicate black money from the system, government would require to tackle red money first and along with that implement structural reforms. Talking about tax evasion through investments in tax havens, he said that the government will soon be coming up with tax laws in the coming financial year.

Due to demonetisation, there has been an increase in the deposits to the bank, increasing the interest expense of the banks. This has lead to banks investing in government bonds to cover their spread, eventually increasing the funds with the government which would be spent for development of the economy, he said.  In the end, Mr Parag touched upon several other topics like economic crises of 2008 and inflationary measure RBI can take in near future. With a lot of KT, it was a great session.

Blow the Mic- An evening with friends and music

“Behind every favourite song, there is an untold story.”

And that is why every song played at this regular event at IIM Ranchi was so special.


The chilly night of November 13th 2016 had students streaming into the music room for yet another edition of Blow the mic, an event organised by High Note, our official music band. The ambience was set with dim lights in place and the audience is high spirits for a night full of blissful music.

With Arnab and Kshitij on the guitars and Priyanka Das at the drums for most of it, students gave their renditions of soulful songs through the night. From Bon Jovi and Metallica to Parikrama, the audiences enjoyed them all. Nabarun and Prabhat’s performances of Coldplay’s songs and Pink Floyd by Arun were stellar. Prajakta’s mellifluous voice as she crooned to Marathi and hindi numbers was a hit with the students.

The fervour increased as Sahil took to the mic and guitar with numbers like Gulaabi Aankhein and Ik Kudi on popular demand.  Students sang along to popular tracks like Knocking on heaven’s door and Mitti di khushboo. Raghav and Bindiya together led the crowd in singing Maaeri, a song loved by all. The night ended with a string of melodious tracks by Priyanka that left the students in awe.